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Electrician Tips & FAQ

  1. Q: Are you Licensed and Insured?

    A: Yes, we are. Always make sure you hire a licensed contractor for any type of work.

  2. Q. How often should my home electrics be inspected?

    A: We recommend properties are inspected every 10 years or prior to change ownership. We also recommend electrical inspection if you are expecting a baby.

  3. Q: What is an EIC?

    A: EIC - Electrical Installation Certificate – it certifies that the installation was safe after the work has been completed and tested. It should be provided by electrician.

  4. Q: Do you offer a warranty?

    A: Yes, we offer warranty on all labour on all contracts.

  5. Q: Do we have to leave our home while construction?

    A: No, we work in a system where you can stay home while we work on your project without interference.

  6. Q: Do I have to use an approved electrician?

    A: Yes, if you want to be safe. Unsafe wiring and electrics can cause damage to your property, so it is extremely important to use a qualified and reputable electrician, who can provide certificate.

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